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MeetTracker is the ONLY Online Parent Driven Gymnastics Meet Scoring System in the World!

MeetTracker is a user driven, live, online, Gymnastics Meet scoring system that enables Parents and Fans to easily track all the scores at a meet in real time. Instead of writing scores into a meet program, you and others enter the scores into MeetTracker and the MeetTracker system will calculate and rank the scores for you automatically. The system will not only show you the information that you personally enter, but will also show you information that others enter. This way, you always have the latest and most accurate information available. MeetTracker is specifically designed for small laptop computers and mobile devices that have an Internet Connection and Web Browser capabilities. Whether you are at the meet entering scores and information or at home viewing live results, you will have the latest information as it happens. Never be in the dark again about a Gymnastics Meet!

Because MeetTracker is user driven, we need everyone to spread the word to your friends and family. The more people we have at a meet entering information, the more you will get out of MeetTracker and the better the experience.

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Upcoming Events

  • June 2012 - Initial Release of the MeetTracker Andriod App
  • June 2012 - Initial Release of the MeetTracker IPhone and IPad Apps
  • June 2012 - Updated Release of the Blackberry Application

Blackberry Users - Due to the upcoming changes in MeetTracker, the Blackberry Application is temporarily unavailable

You will need to download the latest version 1.2.0 in order to continue using the Blackberry version.
We needed to make a change which will result in a host of new features in the future. Please download the latest version.


Hosting a meet?

Find out how you can host a meet with MeetTracker at a fraction of the cost of other systems. Plus your meet attendees automatically benefit from the Live Online services of MeetTracker. If you already have a meet scoring system. Find out how you can use the MeetTracker Plug-in to post live results with Meet Advertising and Gymnast Shout-outs!