MeetTracker - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit Event Details and Gymnast Information before a meet?

Yes, by sending an email to and attaching the information to that email, MeetTracker staff will load your event information into the system. Information must be in one of the following formats: Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, Comma Delimited Text File or Tab Delimited Text file. If your information is not in one of these formats, you can try to send it anyway and our staff will make every attempt to convert it and load it into the system. Please provide any contact information in the email so if we have a problem we have someone to contact.

If a Gymnast is already in the system, how can I update their name or scores?

From the scores page along the right hand side, there are a few buttons. The second one down states "Add/Edit" When you press this button you can enter a Gymnast Number and any or all information you would like to update. As long as you enter the Gymnast's Number, the information will go to that Gymnast. Remember, you will always see the information you personally entered. So if 30 people spell your Gymnast's name wrong, and you enter the correct spelling, everyone else will see the majority, but you will see what you entered and it would be correct.

How do scores and gymnast information get into the MeetTracker system?

In most cases, both information and scores are entered by the users (you). The goal of MeetTracker is to get as many users using the system as possible so that each user only has to input a small amount of information, then all the users benefit from everyone's inputting. If meet coordinators send (email) in a roster, MeetTracker will gladly setup the entire meet in the system at no charge, then all the users have to enter are the scores. MeetTracker also has the ability and infrastructure to Host a meet. In this case, any scores input by a judge will take precidence over user input scores

What happens if 2 people enter different scores?

With everyone entering scores from all sorts of devices (like small mobile phones, etc.), the chances of someone adding an incorrect score is possible. MeetTracker uses the Majority Rules approach. First, MeetTracker will always return a score that you personally entered, even if it does not match a Judge Entered score or Majority Entered score. If your score does not match the Judge Entered or Majority score, you will see the score you entered in Red. This lets you know that you may have entered the wrong score. By clicking the "Add/Edit" button to open the Add/Edit screen. From there, type in the Gymnast's number and press the "Retrieve Info" button. MeetTracker will then show you the score you typed in and also the Judge Entered or Majority score. You can then update your score if you think you made the mistake.

What happens when a meet is Hosted using the MeetTracker system and users are also inputting scores?

At hosted meets, the Judge Entered scores always take precidence. The system then makes a second pass of the user entered scores and will use any scores entered by users when there is NO Judge Entered Score. At hosted meets, the users won't even see the score until after a Judge enters it, so it is highly unlikely that you would ever see a User Entered score. Once again, if you personally enter a score that is different from the Judge Entered score, you will see your score and it will be in Red.

Can I follow a meet even if I am not there?

MeetTracker is a Live Online Score tracking system, so definatley YES. One of MeetTracker's goals was to give Grandparents, Spouses and Friends the ability to watch your Gymnasts progress live as it happens from anywhere in the world as long as they have a Web Browser connected to the internet. If you are at the meet and you enter the information and scores, you can be guaranteed that a loved one or friend can watch the scores right when they happen from anywhere. If you are not at a meet, as long as there is one person there who is entering information, you will see the information that they enter. If the meet is Hosted using the MeetTracker Hosting solution, anyone logged into a session will see all the action.

Why is accessing MeetTracker from my phone slower than from a Web Browser on my computer?

Ah, I wish this were not the case, but it is. MeetTracker has been designed to work properly on a wide variety of devices including phones, touch devices, anything that has a web browser and internet connection. Your home computer and browser in most cases are designed to take advantage of the latest web technologies like javascript and AJAX (asychronous javascript). Unfortunately when MeetTracker developers tested these capabilities on several mobile devices, those devices did not support the nice speed enhancing features of home browsers, so many of those features had to be left out when logging in from a device that doesn't support it. If you are accessing the system from Home or a mobile device that supports those features, you will see the speed and partial page postbacks that you would expect. However, if your mobile device does not sopport those features, the entire page must be refreshed with each button click. As technology changes and mobile devices add support for these features you will see them.

I tried to enter as many scores as I could, but I kept falling behind, what can I do?

Along the right hand side of the page you will see several buttons. One of the buttons says "Speed Entry." If you press this button, the single entry line at the top of the grid will turn to 4 - 6 lines depending on if you are at a Boys Meet or Girls Meet. From here you can enter 1 - (4,6) entries at once. There is one line for each event, you enter the Gymnast Number and appropriate score on the line that matches the event. Pressa the save button and what ever scores you entered will be uploaded. (Hint: you do not need to enter the decimal point, just the digits. For example, if the score is 9.375, you just type in 9375 and MeetTracker will figure out where to put the decimal point.)