MeetTracker is an online Gymnastics Meet Tracking System where the users in the system update the scores.

MeetTracker is specifically designed for Mobile Devices, so the text is small and each page has been designed to perform well on a very simple web browser. Because MeetTracker was designed for mobile devices and cell phones with web capabilities it may not seem as sophisticated as you would expect, but don't be fooled, this application is packed with features. You start by logging into the system. If you do not have a login, you can create one from the login page by pressing the "Register" button. Once logged in you can use the search window to search for an event. Once an event is selected, you will be presented with a list of sessions for that event.

Adding an Event

In Gymnastics, many events have different sessions, so if you are adding the event, you will also be asked to add a session to that event. Every event MUST have at least one session for the system to operate properly. If your event only has 1 session, you can just call the required session "Main" or something else. If you didn't add the event, you will be presented with sessions that others have added. Just select the session you wish to monitor and you are up and running.

The Gymnast Score Entry Line

The top line of the main session page is where you can add gymnast scores. The system is very intelligent and if a gymnast is not currently in the system, they will be added when you or someone else adds the first score. So you don't need to pre-add all the gymnasts. However, you will not see a name, age or level until you use the "Add/Edit" button to enter that information or until someone else enters that information. This is discussed further later. In normal mode, there is one line to enter scores and you enter the Gymnast's Number, select the event from the drop down list and then the score. You do not need to enter a decimal point when entering the score. The system knows what numbers are acceptable and will place the decimal point accordingly. There is also a Speed Entry Mode that will show 4 to 6 lines pre-labeled so that 4 scores can be entered at a time. In speed mode, you just fill in the Gymnast's Number and score on the appropriate line. You do not need to fill in every line, but you can enter more than 1 score. You can fill in some or all of the scores and gymnast numbers and the program will figure out what information is available and enter it appropriately.

The Main Scoring Window

The main scoring window is where you will spend most of your time. This is the window where all the Gymnast Information is displayed. Each score that has been entered will be displayed on this page. Scores are displayed in Black text with a little number to the right of each score in Red. The red number represents the ranking (First, Second Third, etc.) for that Gymnast. You will notice that the Event Titles are a different color as well. This is because they are live and you can click on them. If you click on an Event Title, the grid results will be sorted by that event. Occasionally, you may see the entire score in Red. If you see this it is because a score you have personally entered differs from either a judge entered score or at a non hosted event your score differs from the score that a majority of others have entered. Your score and information will always prevail and be displayed, but the system is letting you know a majority of others recorded something different. If you haven't entered specific information, you will be shown what the majority of others (or the Judges at a Hosted Event) have entered. Also, if there is a descrepancy with a score, the Total score will show in Red, but your score will be used for the total and any ranking will be based on your input. You can view a Gymnast's information any time by pressing the "Add/Edit" button. A screen will appear where you can add\edit gymnast information. This screen is discussed next.

The Gymnast Information and Entry Page

The first line of the Information page has a place to enter the Gymnast's Number. At this time you have 2 choices. You can fill in any or all available text blocks and press the "Update" button. All of your information on that Gymnast will be updated in the system. Your second option is to fill in the Gymnast's Number and press the "Retrieve Info" button. Pressing this will retrieve any system information on this Gymnast. You can then fill in any blanks and once again press the "Update" button.

The Filter Button

The filter button allows you to filter on any Gymnast's Age and/or Level. This is an "And" Filter, so by combining choices you will be limiting the list to a smaller group of Gymnasts. Once a filter is set, the button changes it's name to "Filtered" letting you know that a filter has been set. To remove a filter simply uncheck all the items checked and press the "Set Filter" button. If no check boxes are selected, the filter will clear. Only the Ages and Levels that have been entered into the system will be displayed for filtering, and if no one has entered an age for a particular Gymnast, they will not be displayed. So for example if there are 10 Gymnasts in a session and 5 have ages entered and 5 do not. If you select an age to filter on, only the Gymnast's that have that age entered will be returned. Any Gymnast that has a different age than the one selected and all Gymnasts that have no age will not be displayed. By selecting different ages and levels you can create your own grouping. NOTE: All ranking will be done only on the Gymnast's returned by the filter settings you have. So if your filter settings only return 4 Gymnasts, the ranking will be 1-4 for only those 4, not all the other Gymnasts.

The Refresh Button

Pressing this button will refresh the Score Grid using any settings you have asked for and will also update the grid with information others may have added. At a non Hosted meet, the more people at a meet entering scores, the more accurate the information. However, if you are the only one at a meet entering scores, switch to speed entry and you will know who is in first, second and so on way before anyone else at the meet.